Letting the love shine through each shot

Focus on
the Moment

Capturing The Beauty Of

Life Through Photography

Every Photo Holds a Story

Too often we look back at a season in our lives and wish we had appreciated that moment more. 


Through my family-centered photography, I want to inspire people to focus on who and what really matters. 


Photos help us capture the spirit of the moment so we can cherish them for years to come. 

Hi! I’m so glad you are here!

I’m Chris Baker, a wife, mom, and photographer. Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about capturing the beauty of families’ moments and milestones. 


My photography supports non-profits close to my heart while giving the gift of cherished memories to every person in front of my camera. 


In a way photography found me. After my daughter left home, I realized that I needed to shift my focus to find encouragement and beauty in new ways. It was then I discovered that I could use my photography to help families be present and cherish the ones they love.


You’ll find me smiling behind the camera; enjoying the moment.

My Work


Graduating Seniors



Glitter Sessions


Fresh 48

A Camera
With a Cause

My photography carries a passion to make a difference. 


In lieu of charging a rate for my services, I ask my clients to donate to one of the causes close to my heart, each of them local to Oklahoma. It brings me joy to raise awareness and support for non-profits that are doing wonderful work and inspire other professionals to use what they have to help others. 

Life is far from picture perfect

so remembering the imperfect moments makes it that much sweeter.

We all need reminders of the silly, honest, and true moments, just as much as the polished and poised.

Capturing the beauty of people and

letting the love shine

through each shot.

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