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Meet Chris

It All Started with Just

One Snapshot

The reason I bought a camera and started learning photography was because my friend, Selah, spoke words of life to me when I needed it. At the time, we barely knew each other and she had no idea I was struggling on the inside. I took a photo of her oldest daughter on my cell phone. She was illuminated by the evening sun and it wasn’t even edited. But, as is Selah’s way, she loved it and commented that I needed to take photos all the time because I had an eye for it. 


This one encouragement was the motivation I needed, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. I love working behind the camera, and I’m so grateful for Selah and my family and friends who let me share my skills with them.

Behind the Scenes

With My Special People

I would be remiss if I didn’t take time to mention my most favorite people who work behind the scenes to help me keep things going. I couldn’t do what I do without either of these two.


My husband Steve is the kid whisperer, snack provider, wagon puller, hauler of all the heavy things. He’s the one who usually distracts the kids so I can get a couple of photos of Mom & Dad, and we know they are in good hands. 


Then there’s my girl Chelsey: she’s our only daughter, and she has a knack for posing and catching clothing, hair, and makeup that need to be put back in place. She’s also a great comedian and keeps us laughing which allows me to catch the genuine connection of who is in front of my camera.

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